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Picture books are inherently musical to me; each illustration rings out a chord,
each page a lyric,
each book a song.
— Emily Arrow

A Book Is Like A Song - Emily Arrow

A lyrical comparison of Emily Arrow's two favorite things: books and music! This project is an elaboration on my  interview with Mr. Schu.

A book is like a song,
books have words like songs have lyrics.
The art looks just like music.
Can you see it? Can you hear it? 

Perhaps the words are waiting
for a melody to sing them.
Perhaps the songs are waiting
for you to stop and hear them!

A book is like a song,
there's a story and a rhythm.
And sometimes it can stay with you
all day if you just listen.

Do they both tell us a story? Yes!
Do they both have titles? Yes!
Do you love them both so much
they make you want to smile? Yes!

A book makes you imagine
different places, different things.
A song can make you daydream,
wiggle, dance, rock out, or sing. 

You can read a book alone
or you can share it with your friends.
Like singing in a choir,
or singing songs inside your head.

Books are used in many ways,
just like a song can be.
And when you'e feeling lonely
they both keep you company.

Yet sometimes books remind us
of the saddest of goodbyes,
just like songs can tug inside us
'til we need a little cry.

But thankfully they prove that
even in the worst of weather,
someone else has felt it too;
we're in this together.

We see ourselves in stories
and we hear ourselves in songs,
It's like somehow the writer
knew our feelings all along.

Hear it, read it, share it, dream it,
they go with each other.
Sing a song from start to finish,
Read cover to cover.

Every page a lyric,
Every word a tune,
A book is like a song
that tells the extraordinary story of you.