Balance - Emily Arrow

Can you keep a silver spoon balanced on your nose?
Can you keep your balance when you walk on tippy-toes?
that’s how balance goes.

Balance is . . .
not always saying “yes”
and sometimes saying, “no.”
Moving rather fast a bit,
then moving nice and slow.



Illustrator Note: Rebecca Green is interested in working on this manuscript. Check out her work here.

Balance is a rhythm,
balance is a friend,
balance is a poem,
or an apple’s pink-ish red.

It’s veggies on one side,                         [at farmer’s market]
eggs and flowers on the other,
making one big apple pie,
then sharing with each other.

It’s when you play your favorite song
waaaaay too many times
because it makes you happy
and it helps you clear your mind.

Hearing what your body says,
giving it a break,               
knowing when it’s time for bed,                [“yawn!”]
or when to stay awake.                        [reading under a blanket fort w/flashlight]

Balance is a cityscape,              
buildings high and low.
Balance is a desert night,                  
stars and moon a’ glow.

Balance is your sun routine,              
breakfast, juice, and coffee               [kid w/juice & parent with coffee]
Morning is the balance
of the birds and flowers talking.

Just like when a wave will crash
and roll back to the sea,          
balance is a knowing
that’s just how it’s gonna be.

Teeter totter, left and right,                         [outdoors at park]
yoga, tightrope walking;                              [yoga in park? pretend tightrope w/friends]
Wobble, wiggle, worry, wonder,
balance is belonging.