Bo the Ukulele - Emily Arrow

The adventures of Emily Arrow's side-kick Bo the Ukulele...who wears a bow tie and is very anxious to travel, try new things, and especially to go on stage!!

Bo the ukulele
was feeling brave and strong
And now that he had found a home,    [with girl in striped shirt]
he knew where he belonged.

He loved the way the morning light
started out their days.
[Girl:] "Good morning, Bow, I love you so.
Let's tune: G, C, E, A."

The song they always played together
sounded just like this:

But things started to change--
there was a suitcase by the door.
Bo the ukulele
was going out on tour!

"What's a tour?" he wondered,
as his strings began to shake.
At night he couldn't fall asleep,
he worried wide awake.

The next morning was different
than their usual routine.
Instead of practicing all day,
they stepped onto the street.

[Bo:] "Different! Scary! Let's go home!
Things should stay the same."
His belly hole had butterflies
as they stepped onto a plane.

People started asking,
"what's that instrument you've got?"
"Can I try to play it?"
(Bo): "No you certainly can NOT!"

They travel to different cities, meet different instruments, and Bo starts to realize that home is really something you bring with you wherever you go.