Bow & Arrow Book Club

monthly picture book in your mailbox from Emily Arrow!


Considering joining?
Sign up by the 5th of the month to be sent the current month's book.


Can I give it as a gift?

Absolutely! A subscription to the Bow & Arrow Book Club makes a fantastic gift from a grandparent or for a child's teacher. Just enter the recipient's address and name for shipping purposes.

When will i get my books?

Your book will arrive between the 13-20th of every month

When will i be charged?

Automatic payments will be made on the 5th of every month.

Which means if you sign up on February 4th, you'll be charged on February 5th and receive a book the week of February 13-20th. BUT if you sign up on February 6th, you will not be charged until March 5th and will be sent your first book the week of March 13-20th.

If I need to cancel my subscription, am I able to cancel at any time?

Once you become a member, you'll have a customer portal where you can manage your subscription at any time. If you cancel before the 5th of the month, your subscription will immediately cancel. If you cancel on or after the 5th of the month, that month will be charged as your final month and you'll be sent that month's book.

What if i already have the book?

Please re-gift it! No refunds or returns are do-able at this time. 

Where do you get the books from?

The books will be purchased from my local indie, Parnassus Books because I really, really, really believe in indies. 

What is the Bow & Arrow Book Club?

  • monthly picture book subscription curation of my favorite picture books to go with my YouTube Channel!
  • swag including Emily Arrow bookmarks, stickers, kazoos, lyric sheets, and more
  • monthly Book Club MEMBERS ONLY digital live show. Receive a monthly email invitation & all requests by YOU.
  • your first month, you'll receive a FREE signed copy of my album Storytime Singalong, Vol. 1!
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Dear friends,

Along this journey, so many supportive parents and educators have suggested I create a monthly book subscription. The challenges have been numbered but I've finally built something that I hope will connect us across the miles through books.

Each title will be thoughtfully chosen for you all because I've gotten to spend the last three years understanding your taste and preferences. I welcome your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions as I grow into this new idea and truly hope this is as much fun to be a part of as it has been to create. Thank you for joining, reading, and singing along :)

Follow your arrow,


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If you need to contact me about a specific issue, please email