Thank you for listening and singing along :) - Emily 

Kids, Families, and Educators:

Please tag me on Instagram (@helloemilyarrow) to say hello. I always love hearing from families and kids and this is a great place for us to interact - plus I host lots of fun giveaways!

Booking Inquiries:

I'm currently accepting inquiries from music venues and events for weekends in October 2018. Please fill out THIS FORM to inquire. My booking coordinator will get back to you within 7-10 days.

  • Are you an educator or librarian hoping to request a visit? To be added to the wait list and find out more information, please contact Booking Biz - click for more info. Due to my project schedule, I'm usually unable to schedule many school visits per year. I do hope to see you and your students on a Skype visit!

Collaborations, Endorsements, Film/TV inquiries:

Please CONNECT HERE and I'll get back to you soon. I look forward to hearing from you!

Book Adaptations:

If you are a publishing company or published author or illustrator, please email

I typically reach out to authors and illustrators a few times each month about new projects I'm excited about so please do be on the lookout if you're a creator or agent! I LOVE A GOOD BOOK, obviously :))


1) Are Chords, Sheet Music or Accompaniment Tracks available of Emily's songs? Yes! Check out the shop!!

2) Does Emily do custom birthday videos/messages? Unfortunately, there's only one of me, so I can't accommodate special projects like this.

3) Can I use Emily Arrow's songs in my educational presentations or projects? Absolutely. You may use recordings of Emily's music in your presentations and projects. You could tag Emily on Instagram at @helloemilyarrow to share.