Emily Arrow's 2 albums - all about BOOKS!!   

Emily Arrow's 2 albums - all about BOOKS!!


Sell copies of Emily Arrow's "Storytime Singalong" Vol. 1 & 2 Albums
at your event!

Thank you for requesting albums to sell at your event. Here's the best way to get them to you:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Someone from Burnside Distribution will reach out to you to confirm information
  3. CD's will be shipped to you 7 days before your event
  4. Sell at your event
    • Festivals: add the cd's to your festival bookshop's inventory at $15 per cd
  5. Mail back remaining albums to Burnside Distribution
  6. Burnside will invoice you. Wholesale price is $8.15 and retail price is $15, so your organization will keep the difference as a way for Emily to give back.

A Note from Emily: 

Thank you for requesting copies of my albums to sell at your event or festival! My distributor is called Burnside Distribution and is based in Portland, OR. Someone from their offices will reach out to setup an account with you shortly. They're a small warehouse that ships educational content to schools and libraries. I love them dearly and hope the process is smooth for getting my merchandise to you.

Because it's important to me that you benefit from sales too, you'll be able to maintain a portion of the profits. For example, if you purchase 100 albums from Burnside at $8.15/album and sell them all, your festival will earn 685.00. I hope that's helpful to you and your readers and I'm truly looking forward to my visit.

Follow Your Arrow,



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