• Learn every word to every song!

  • Only a few songs are on here so far but I'm working on it, I promise :)


A fun checklist to keep track of your Emily Arrow songs!

  • Track your video + book progress

A big thank you to librarian Emily Kupersztoch for creating this amazing shareable freebie for us all!

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Raymie Nightingale
This is the Story of a Happy Marriage
Zinnia and the Bees
Daily Rituals: How Artists Work
Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered
The Dot
I Love You Already!
I Wish You More
Louise Loves Art
The Curious Garden
They All Saw a Cat
I Am Yoga
Are We There, Yeti?
Explorers of the Wild
Hannah and Sugar
Nana in the City
No, No, Gnome!
Two Hands to Love You
Love is

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