Emily Arrow
read aloud // sing along


Hello Emily Arrow

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Fun Facts About Emily

  • When did Emily start writing songs about books? Emily started writing songs about books while she was a music teacher. Maybe you have a music teacher or an art teacher at your school? Emily used to be a teacher just like that!

  • Is Emily right handed or left handed? Emily Arrow is left handed…but she plays her ukulele Bow the way a right handed player would play. So she sort of plays backwards.

  • How many instruments does Emily Arrow play? Emily plays four instruments: ukulele, piano, guitar, and melodica.

  • Emily Arrow, HOW OLD ARE YOU? Emily is as old as the book Oh The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. Since this book was published the same year as Emily Arrow was born, you can count how many years it’s been since the book was published to figure out her age.

  • Does Emily Arrow have any pets? Emily has the cutest dog in the whole wide world named Laika, after the first dog that ever went to space. Emily nicknames her “aloha dog.”

  • How does Emily Arrow make her music videos? First, Emily writes the song on her ukulele named Bow. Then she sets up her camera and microphone and records a video in a fun place. After she’s done (which can take many, many hours), she sits at her computer and edits the videos until they’re ready to post on her YouTube Channel.

  • What’s Emily’s favorite color? It changes all the time, but right now it’s purple.

  • What’s Emily Arrow’s favorite food? healthy food = avocado, sweet treat = snickerdoodle cookies