A New Video, Yeti?

Song collaboration with author/illustrator and all-around-creative-superhuman Ashyln Anstee.

This project with Ashlyn Anstee included so many amazing and fun things: homemade pancakes (and one mega pancake), backyard filming at Ashlyn's awesome place, baby Yeti, and a 105 degree snowball fight.

I wrote this song literally the night before Ashlyn's book launch event at Once Upon A Time Bookstore in Montrose, CA. The store's inspiring owner, Maureen Palacios, suggested the book to me and I couldn't make it to the store to pick up my copy until the night before the launch.

Thankfully, my amazing songwriting roommate April Bender was ready to co-write this hilarious book into a song with me! The tough part: memorizing the song before 10am.