Which Books Are Part of the Album? Here's the list!!

Songs inspired by some of my favorite picture books:

Photography by Alex Crawford.

Who was involved in the making of this album?

Album produced and arranged by Nick Goldston, Album art designed by author/illustrator Ashlyn Anstee @ashlynanstee. Album photography by Alex Crawford. Special thanks to co-writers April Bender, Eric Leva, Grace Kelly, and Nick Goldston. And a huge thank you to my amazing agent, Kelly Sonnack, for helping me navigate the waters. 

How will the album be sold and distributed?

Album will be distributed nationally by Burnside Distribution, a wonderful Portland-based distributor. Beginning February 19th, you can find Emily Arrow's "Storytime Singalong" on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other major retailors.

Album Launch Party?

Please join the album's launch party on Saturday, February 20th @10:30am at Once Upon A Time Bookstore in Montrose, CA! Click Here for details.