Guess who Hosted an Album Pre-launch Party Last Month?

Parenting expert, Fox 11 Parenting Contributor Donna Tetreault and family! 

Last month, the Tetreault-Bunnin family hosted a pre-launch party in their backyard for my "Storytime Singalong" album. I teach guitar lessons to Donna and Andrew's amazing kiddos and they showed their support of my new album by hosting an INCREDIBLE PARTY!

Donna being such a strong voice in the parenting community and an upcoming author herself, has given me special guidance and loads of encouragement throughout the stages of the albums' creation.

"We'll start in 1, 2, 3!" - Books! Books! Song

I brought my live band to the party (guitarist/album producer Nick Goldston, drummer Griffin Wright, and sousaphonist Corbin Jones) and we performed for about 25 kids who sang along with every much fun!!!

Thank you for an amazing event, Donna, and for believing in me since the very first big idea I had :) In this case, you made my little idea a BIG, WONDERFUL PARTY and I am so thankful for you and your family.

Fantastic photographer Alex Crawford contributed the above photos.