Some questions from Educator Pernille Ripp's 7th Grade Students!

What's different about these interview questions? They came from 7th graders.

7th grade is an age range favorite of mine that I rarely get to sing to so this was a fun opportunity to share my thoughts with an older audience. Pernille Ripp, the innovative educator of these creative students is a writer herself. You should totally check out her work here.

1.  What is your favorite song to sing?

I love to sing the Louise Loves Art Song (inspired by the book by Kelly Light) because I love when the audience echoes the lyrics in the chorus. Check out the video too!

2.  What inspired you to do this type of music?

I decided to create kidlit tunes (songs inspired by books!) because I was a music teacher for students in Kindergarten through sixth grade for three years!

3.  How do you come up with the ideas for the videos?

I try to think of a way to use the colors, ideas, and feelings from the song and/or book in the video. Then I think of two or three places to record parts of the video that have something to do with the song. The brainstorming is soooo much fun for me!

4.  What has been your favorite video to make?

I loved making the NO, NO, GNOME video because I got to hang out with my pal Ashlyn Anstee all day.


5.  How do authors and illustrators react to your songs?

One time, one sent me an illustration in the mail as a gift. One time, one cried! It's always different but I always want them to feel appreciated for the work they do creating their amazing stories.

6.  What are some songs you are working on?

I'm working on a fun song about a wizard, one about a kid who's a cactus, and another that's about friendship called Zoomba Zoo as a collaboration with illustrator Zoey Abbott Wagner!

7.  How do you keep your imagination on the outside?

Love this Louise-y question! Writing songs is an awesome way to share what's on my mind in the world. And I write LOTS of lists in medium-sized notebooks. I use about a notebook a month full of thoughts and ideas and to-dos!