New projects with Cantata Learning: Books + Music, naturally :)

2 new projects with CANTATA LEARNING

(in a 4 book series about the library by Shannon McClintock Miller, illustrated by Kathryn Derst)

Featuring words by Blake Hoena and music by Emily Arrow.

Why is Cantata Learning awesome? Because they connect books and music....just like I do!! These two projects were a total crazy backwards task for me. 

Usual process:
1) I find an awesome book
2) I write lyrics and music about book
3) I make video and share

This project's process:
1) I read author's lyrics
2) I wrote music to go with the lyrics
3) Awesome book is printed + song is released + video is shared ALL ON AUGUST 1, 2017!!!!


Find A Book Music Video - a huge thank you author Shannon McClintock Miller for connecting all of the dots on this project and suggesting me as the musician for your book project :) A giant, huge thank you to librarians Sarah Rosenberger-Svarda at Central Magnet School (TN) and Elizabeth Shepherd at The Discovery School (TN) and their daughters and students who joined in on the video creating with me! And of course to my fantastic videographer Alex Crawford.

Alphabet Safari Music Video - a huge thank you to my awesome pal Becca and her cutie Gresham for being both videographers and actors for this video ;)