My Writing Projects

Hello, hello :)
I hope you enjoy reading through my recent projects. From songwriting to storytelling, I'm excited to continue promoting literacy through my own stories in a simple & musical way.  
- Emily 

Articles for Parents

Tips from Emily Arrow for parents. Articles include, "What Are Parents Supposed to Do During Storytime?" "Can My Five Year Old Begin Music Lessons?"

A lyrical comparison of Emily Arrow's two favorite things: books and music! This project is an elaboration on my  interview with Mr. Schu.

A poetic step-by-step guide to writing a writing one about avocados!

When legendary singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell was only 7 years old, she became so sick the doctors weren’t sure she’d ever be able to walk again. During her months in the hospital in Canada where she lived, Joni passed the time doing what we know her best for--singing. But when the holidays came, Joni wanted to go home more than ever.

Follow the story of how a tiny pine tree, a simple promise, and heaps of moxie helped young Joni Mitchell step out of the hospital and into the spotlight. A true story of determination and hope, Joni later became one of the greatest musical storytellers of all time.

A simple journey through the songwriting process with it's inspirations, doubts, and moments of sheer delight that come with writing your own song. 

A studio for music,
A studio for art.
A space to build and dream and move,
A place where big things start.

A collection of funny, sweet, and memorable moments that piece together a musical life. A poem for warming up your voice by blowing bubble gum, a poem about the obnoxiousness of the song "Heart and Soul," a tongue twisters poem, lyrical poems and gentle sonnets urging readers to find the music inside each of us. 

"Hearing what your body says and giving it a break; knowing when it's time for bed... or when to stay awake!"

A poetic and image-filled description of the term "balance." For the over-scheduled, under-rested kid today to begin hearing to find a deeper understanding of balance and belonging.

In the wild woods, in the wild world,
you carry your bow and arrow.

The lyrics to Emily's award-winning song that placed #1 on SiriusXM 

If you were a wizard, would you wear a hat?

A song collaboration with creator of Kid President, Brad Montague. Song inspired by his awesome illustration and is a fun magical metaphor for the spark inside each of us that inspires us to create and share ourselves with the world.

Many of Emily's songs and videos already have illustrations or are told with a storytelling approach. Check out these music videos for projects that listeners have requested be turned into books!