Emily Arrow School Visit - Choose your books!

    Emily Arrow's "Storytime Singalong, Vol. 1 & 2" - songs about books for kids!

    Your stack of books = Emily's set list

    Please be prepared for Emily's visit by having copies available of every book she'll be singing. The best way for Emily to share her literacy-music connection is to show how each book transforms into a song!

    A quick reminder to:

    • remove the books from student shelves a few weeks in advance
      • or order extra copies if you know your students are excited about the titles!!
    • double check your set list to have the books prepared
    • have the books on a table or stool for Emily to access during her presentation

    Wondering how a typical Emily Arrow Storytime Singalong goes? Here's a sample schedule:

    1. Books! Books! Song
    2. "Read-splaining" book 1 + Song
    3. "Read-splaining" book 2 + Song
    4. Q & A (feel free to prepare students in advance)
    5. Song
    6. Discussion: my process and our shared love of books!
    7. Song
    8. Time permitting: More questions
    9. Time permitting: Song
    10. Wrap up 

    Submit the following form to select the songs + books Emily will include in her performance at your school.

    Name *
    Top 5 Book + Song Requests
    Please select your top 5 choices here.
    3 More (if time permits!)
    Please select 3 additional songs to add to the list.

    This form will be sent to Sarah Azibo at The Booking Biz and will be shared with Emily before her performance date.