Emily Arrow
read aloud // sing along
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Singalong Visit with Emily Arrow

  • 20 minute digital visit with Emily Arrow! Students will engage in singing, movement, and a Q & A with Emily.

  • Learn about Emily’s songwriting process, how she began creating music, her passion for books, and some tips for writing your own stories and songs.

  • Because each classroom is unique, choose your students’ top 3 song requests.

    How To Book

  • What is the payment method? Pay quickly online with credit card. Invoicing no longer available.

  • Which digital platform can be used? Choose your preference of Skype, GoogleHangouts, or Zoom.

  • *Note: there will not be an opportunity for sound checks so please have a plan in place for testing your technology independently.

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Singalong Visit Gallery

I have so much fun meeting singalong friends across the country and around the world.