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Skype Invoice Form

Thank you for your interest in booking a Skype with Emily Arrow!

If you're unable to pay via credit card, here are three simple steps to booking your Skype visit via Invoice/Check:

1) Use the online booking system on Emily Arrow's website and enter "INVOICE" as the EDUCATOR CODE.

2) Download and complete either this Excel Invoice Form or PDF Invoice Form and submit to your school.

3) Email a copy of the completed invoice to writeemilyarrow@gmail.com. If Emily does not receive a digital copy of your invoice by the date and time of your skype, you may not be able to uphold the booking. 

4) As stated on the invoice, payment must be sent via check to Emily Arrow within 60 days of the Skype.

Thank you!

Still have questions? Although I'm a one-woman show for the most part, I'll do my best to help with your concerns. If the above information didn't meet your needs, please fill out the below form and I'll try to get back to you within the next 2-4 weeks. Warmly, Emily

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