Studio - Emily Arrow

A studio for music,
A studio for art.
A space to build and dream and move,
A place where big things start.

We call a place a studio
When people make stuff in it.
Or practice things, or re-do things,
Or simply think a minute.

Some artists need a studio
With lots of room and light.
While others think a tiny nook
Will fit their work just right.

A studio for makers using
String or sculpting clay,
We all need spaces where
We let ideas grow and play.

And playing with ideas
Can then lead to so much more.
What starts in one small studio
Goes way beyond its doors.

To people in big cities
Or out walking in the park,
They’ll see it once it’s out there.
They’ll hear it in their hearts.

 From every little studio,
Our tiny magic rooms,
We tell the world our story,
We sing the world our tune.

Do you have an idea?
Something you want to create?
Imagine where you’ll make it.
Go find your special place.

Or let your space find you.
Yes, you’ll know it when you’re there.

 Make it your own,
an artists’ home,
to be
and make
and share.