Sponsor a song

$1000 Gift - Sponsor a Song

Your gift will sponsor an entire song on the album, which is a huge deal. I will thank you in the printed album credits and include you in special supporter's updates throughout the creation process. You'll be the first to receive albums in the mail and will be the first to get a great big thank you hug from me :)


Gift Your Chosen Amount

Your gift of any size is helpful and I truly appreciate your incredible support of my music and goals. Thank you!

How I'll Use Your Gift

The costs of creating an album include paying my audio producer/engineer, mixing and mastering of the final tracks, album artwork, printing copies for the first run of sales, distribution expenses, and tour expenses associated with the launch.

For every $1000 gift received, I will also be donating 3 of my favorite picture books to a Nashville-based school in your name.