The Avocado Song - Emily Arrow

a step-by-step guide to writing a writing one about avocados!

Today I'll write a song for you - anything you want.
Just show me an idea, and I'll go write you a song!

An avocado? Oh!
You picked a funny little thing.
I've got my uke, my notebook too,
and now it's time to sing.

I'll hum a little tune like this:
Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmm
and when I like how that tune goes,
I'll add a little strum.

Are avocados creepy? No!
Are avocados cute? Yes!
Are avocados grumpy? No!
Are avocados blue? No, no!

I think of happy, cheery thoughts
when I see avocados
so I'll try a happy, cheery sound
for how this silly song goes.

And then I'll do some research, yes,
I'll take a little break. 
Some lime and avocado toast:
My favorite thing to make.

And in my head, I'm taking notes
of everything I see.
Split it in two, one half's for you,
and one half is for me.

It's mushy and it's magical,
it's salty and it's smooth,
and here's a funny fact:
it's not a veggie, it's a fruit! 

Now that snack time's over,
I should get right back to work.
I'll start by finding things that rhyme,
then pick my favorite words.

Can you help me find a list of
rhymes for avocado?
They don't have to be perfect rhymes,
just let your brain go loco!

[in illustration: borrow, banjo, Colorado, gizmo, taco, hello, arrow]

Now I'll choose a title for the song
and try it out.
"Avocados Everywhere?"
"Avocado Count?"

Or maybe I could name it just,
"The Avocado Song"
so everyone remembers it
and wants to sing along.

But now is where I start to worry,
now is when I'm scared.
What if it my song is really bad, 
or what if no one cares?

I scribble on my paper,
I do some jumping jacks,
I tell myself that I'm ok,
and find ways to relax.          [petting a dog, making something, chatting with someone]

And suddenly I see some lyrics,
so I strum again.
The Avocado Song
is playing LOUDLY in my head!

Hurry! Hurry! Write it down! 
Keep it in your ears!
The Avocado Song is done...
now would you like to hear?