The Tree Octopus - by Emily Arrow

a funny Pacific Northwest legend brought to story

The need for deciphering fact from fiction is becoming greater and greater. So clever educators sometimes share about the mythical "tree octopus" as a way to teach their students to think critically about internet information. My goal? To share a story that keeps the hilarity of this delightfully fictional character alive. Plus, I'm obsessed with the Pacific Northwest. 

In the rainy forest,
I saw something in a tree.
A little tiny octopus
was staring back at me.

I guess I just believed,
since it was right there in my face.
1, 2, 3, 4, tentacles
then 5, 6, 7, 8.

Its tiny little eyes were cute,
I wished that I could touch it,
But nature should be left alone--
I took a picture of it.

Then suddenly I heard a rustle,
Hurry, run and hide!
I bet that it's a Sasquatch...
hungry for tree octopi.

I had to save the octopus
from this (and other) dangers.
"Help me save tree octopi!" 
I yelled to random strangers.

And people really listened,
for the world is big and scary.
"We must keep tiny creatures safe
from things so mean and hairy."

We made a million posters
and we wrote a little book.
More people started noticing,
More peopled stopped to look.

[Person in crowd:]"I think that they're extinct,
because I've never seen a real one."
[Woman in crowd:] "I think that they're all pink
because I'd really like to wear one." [imagines a pink one on her hat, as the myth goes that they're extinct from being worn]

So off I went to lead the way
back to the very spot,
to save our little magic friend
to tell Sasquatch to STOP!

Hook, line, and .... tentacles,
we were ready to defend,
but I couldn't quite remember
what was real, fake, or pretend.

"It's just a centipede," yelled someone,
"wearing eight rain boots."

But I was busy watching
an extinct waterfall moose.