I'm excited to sing about your book!! - Emily


An Emily Arrow Song brings incredible attention, excitement, and love to your book! Through a creative process, I write a song and direct, produce, record, and edit a music video to feature your book - the end product paralleling the promotions of a publicist. 

What do I create for your book?
recorded song + music video + social media

My goal? To showcase what makes your book awesome because I know kids, teachers, and parents out there are counting on me to deliver content I believe in. 

Ready to get started? The below process doesn't guarantee I'm able to create a song or video about your work, but is the first step in giving me the ability to try. I'm truly looking forward to working together :)

The Process

1)  Download your choice of the following agreements:
Agreement ASong, Performance, and Video Agreement. Will give your book the MOST exposure and me the most permission to share. Agreement to make music video, iTunes song, and advertise on that video.

Agreement B - Quick Video Agreement. Will give me basic permissions to create a song and music video about your book.

2) Fill in the details for your specific information (TITLE, AUTHOR, PUBLISHER, etc). after reviewing with your agent or team. *If changes are requested, please modify and highlight in red.

3) Save as .pdf or word doc and email signed agreement to helloemilyarrow@gmail.com


Common Questions:

1) How did you create this agreement? Between agent and lawyers, this agreement has been seen by many eyes and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of both the book and music industry. 

2) What if you want to include the song on an album? You can opt-in in advance at the bottom of your agreement. 

3) My agent still has a question. Can they contact you about it? Sure! Please tell them to email me at books.arrowmusic@gmail.com. But please consider that the longer the agreement process takes, the longer the creative process takes.

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