Write Your Song - Emily Arrow

For colors. Words. Shapes.

Then catch an idea.
Catch a bunch!

 Choose a special spot. Or really any place at all.

 Find an instrument.

 Hum, strum, scribble, tap!

 Pick a tune. Now repeat that. [Illustration Note: Visuals of high and low singing, shapes and swirls. Then a  bird or friend watching says: “Repeat that!”]

 You don’t have to hurry, you have so much time.

Dream up a dance! Line up a rhyme.
Trust it to find you. Wait for the signs.

You’re in the middle and need a stretch? Stretch!
A snack?  Yum!
Want a break? Take one.

 When you’re ready, keep writing your song.

 Are you worried it isn’t good enough? It is. It’s yours.

 Name it.

Keep it in a special place.

 Own it.

 Next, and this is very important: Sing it.

Sing it.

[Illustration Note: Singing just to a snail on a sidewalk.]

Sing it.

[Illustration Note: Singing to her pet or books or objects.]

Sing it.

[Illustration Note: Singing to a group of friends.]

And then…



[Friends are clapping.]