Emily Arrow
Follow Your Arrow.


Emily Arrow creates YouTube content & music for kids about....BOOKS!


I'll be at NerdCamp, will you?

Camp July 10-11 in Parma, MI (Emily Arrow Concert on July 9)

Emily took the words out of my book and out of my imagination and brought them to life in a way I never could have imagined. I am moved every single time I hear Emily and kids sing the song Louise Loves Art.
— Kelly Light, author/illustrator of Louise Loves Art Series
Arrow turns appealing children’s books (with the authors’ permission) into songs that are by turns winsome, wistful, and frolicsome, encouraging kids to move to well-crafted melodies and lyrics, to get creative, and to tap into their own imaginations.
— Parents' Choice Awards Review, Spring 2016
Emily Arrow is the new star of children’s music.
— Peter Brown, Caldecott Award winning children's illustrator and author
I am so thankful to Emily for filling my library with music and dance. She truly gives books a voice!”
— -Shannon Hemmelgarn, Library Media Specialist, Windermere Elementary